Thursday, 3 July 2014


One school system and the abolition of private schools
Balkanization of Canada's education system inevitably will cause tribal disembowelment of and the demise of Canada
What The SCC Tsilhqot'in Decision 
Really Means Regarding "Prior Informed Consent"
In Matters Of Custom Law

Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes Act, Canada

The presumption here is that all persons shall enjoy the universal right of education.

And, the ugly truth about Canada is that it's foundation is based upon prejudicial education institutes - one of hatred and ignorance toward the indigenous culture; and, the other one of hegemonic preference / of favouring the christian-based schooling.

The prevailing Canada Truth and Reconciliation Commission [and, the preceding Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples of 1996] has established records of the perverse genocidal history of the Elizabeth II Canada state policies toward the abolition of the customs and traditions of indigenous Peoples; while, the 1867 founding Canada Constitution and the 1982 Canada Constitution Act have unilaterally protected and preserved the christian faith-based education systems.

The modern era reality is that preservation and growth of the private schools networks inevitably establishes diverse cultural zones; and, therein, causes incongruous standards of living. Further, political and cultural pockets exceed the three-generations concepts of mainstream integration.

Therefore, this document, herein, claims that the Canada Constitution Act 1982 and its predecessor 1867 BNA Act are fundamentally discriminatory contrary to the general public interest in the matters of protecting and preserving a non-discriminatory public education system in Canada; and, that such shall be forthwith declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be null and void.

Addendum : In British Columbia, Canada The Tripartism Education Model per the SCC Tsilhqot'in Decision Shall Prevail; Wherein, No BCTF v BCPSEA Contract Occur In The Absence Of Inclusive " Prior Informed Consent" Of Indigenous Peoples Of The Territories.

Respectfully Signed
Shqui'qwal Yuxwuletun : Speaker Eagle, Kwa'mutsun Nation
a.k.a. Ralph Charles Goodwin